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Rainbows and Puddles is an innovative and happy family run nursery providing care and learning to children aged 2-5 years. While meeting your child’s holistic development, the emphasis of our nursery is on providing every individual with a unique experience unlike any traditional nursery.

A combination of the imagination of your child and our staff, mixed with the natural environment we operate in allows every experience to be magical and memorable for the Rainbows and Puddles family members.

Where else can children walk up to their nursery spying squirrels scampering up trees, nod hello to the pigs and giggle at the chickens wearing trousers.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and finding out more about our service. 

Contact Cheryl or David Morrison on 07779001855 or e-mail us at info@rainbowsandpuddles.co.uk for further information.

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WHY Rainbows and Puddles?

 Things To Do Before You’re 5 – go to Rainbows and Puddles!

If you were lucky enough to spend a lot of time outdoors as a child, you will recall the endless hours of fun you had building dens, splashing in puddles, climbing hills and trees then  going home, wet, dirty, tired, happy and itching to get back out and do it all again!

The national curricular framework in Scotland, Curriculum for Excellence. endorses children being active participants in their own learning. Children who attend Rainbows and Puddles are free from the restraints of the 4 walls of indoor nurseries and are able to rely on real life natural resources in real life situations as a means to learn and develop.

At Rainbows and Puddles children as little as 2 have opportunities to make choices and take ownership over their play – whether that might be to follow the trail of a snail or transport leaves in their wheelbarrow.

Through playing in a woodland environment children develop skills of resilience and empathy as they work together; whether building a pirate ship or helping one another climb up a muddy, slippery hill.

Fresh air, exercise, a broad and balanced early years curriculum, passionate and committed staff, excitement, fun, beasties, trees and mud – there’s nowhere quite like Rainbows and Puddles.

If you are considering our nursery for your child, click on the Essential Information leaf and go to Testimonials to find out what some of our current parents think about their child's experience at Rainbows and Puddles.




Rainbows and Puddles Presents……

Outdoor Learning  Home Schooling Programmes

‘Children can not bounce off the walls if we take away the walls.’Eric Henry

 We appreciate the dedication, commitment and hard work involved in home educating your child.

At Rainbows and Puddles, we have put together a 10 week Introduction to Wood/Bush Craft programme which gives your child the opportunity to

  • be with a group of other children who are being home schooled,
  • develop personal safety skills including learning first aid
  • gain knowledge and understanding of the natural environment using an active learning approach

Also available are outdoor learning packages specific to your child’s needs

e.g. outdoor literacy, outdoor numeracy

All programmes are designed and led by a qualified Forest School Leader and Primary School Teacher.

For more information please contact Cheryl or Nichola at info@rainbowsandpuddles.co.uk

Cost: £25 per day 9am – 3pm                     

Locations: Pollok Country Park, Rouken Glen,  Glasgow

Craufurdland Estate, Fenwick, Ayrshire or any wild space near to you.


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